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offsite storage container being kept on private property

Benefit from the Ease and Convenience of Off-Site Storage Pod Hire

If you have enough space at your home or business, you may wish to keep your belongings close-by, preferring to opt for off-site container storage hire, instead of on-site storage at our premises in Warana. 

Off-site storage gives you easy, fast access to all your stuff, safely secured under lock-and-key in your storage container pod, whenever you need it. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of travelling to our facility to put more things into storage, or take items out, making this the easiest and most convenient storage pod rental option.

Off-site storage pod rentals are often an option favoured by businesses as off-site storage is ideal for workers who need frequent access to the items contained within. Builders may need to store machinery and tools when not in use, other companies may need to store seasonal promotional materials until they’re required, and so on.

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storage container on the back of a removal truck

Things to Consider before Renting a Storage Container for Off-Site Use

If you want to hire a storage pod for off-site use for your home or business, first take a look at these 4 considerations below. If your property doesn’t meet all 4, you most likely will not able to hire an offsite storage shipping container. If unsure, or you wish to seek clarification and advice, please contact us.

  1. Storage shipping containers cannot be placed on roadways, footpaths or council nature strips.
  2. If you reside in a rental property, you will need permission from your landlord to hire the storage pod and park it on the property.
  3. Are there any low power cables, or tree branches that may hinder delivery? If so, delivery may not be possible.
  4. The ground on which the container is placed should be level to ensure that doors open and close easily.

Have you a large enough level space for a 20ft container?

Max. Cargo
Tare Weight
Internal Dimensions
External Dimensions
20ft GP (m3) (kg) (kg)
33 28,200 2,280 5.90 2.35 2.39 6.06 2.44 2.59

Hire storage pods from Sunshine Coast Storage today! Storage pods for rent off-site can be delivered to your chosen site usually within 48 hours.

The shipping containers may be placed on sleepers, or similar, in order to allow air flow beneath the container.

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