The Most Affordable Self Storage Container Solution on the Sunshine Coast from $52 Per Week for 11m³ of Space!

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row of 7-day easy access and bulk sotrage containers

On-Site Storage Container Rental Sunshine Coast

Choose Sunshine Coast Storage for fully-secure and affordable, self-storage container rental in Warana.

When you store your belongings with us, you benefit from a secure facility that is monitored by CCTV security 24/7. Access to our premises and the containers is via key only. 

As we do not offer bulk storage (containers stacked on-top of each other), your storage pod rental is located on ground level, and thus, accessible 7 days a week. The premises is open and accessible via your assigned key, from 7am to 6pm, all year round. 

All our shipping storage containers for hire are weatherproof, vermin-proof, and provide excellent safety and security. Storage container hire is ideal for a diverse range of items, such as;

  • Furniture Storage
  • Household Belongings and Personal Effects
  • Vehicle Storage and Jet-Ski Storage
  • Business Document Storage
  • Equipment, Machinery and Tool Storage  
  • Valuable Antique Storage
  • Miscellaneous Item Storage

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Shipping Container Storage Hire Made Easy! Clutter be Gone!

Need to de-clutter? If you’re preparing to sell your house and need to remove excess clutter, or you want to downsize, but aren’t ready to part with your sentimental items and other belongings, we have the storage solution for you. 

About to begin home renovations? Keep your home liveable during complicated and lengthy home improvement projects. Ensure your belongings remain dirt-free, dust-free and safe from harm by keeping them tucked away securely in one of our shipping storage containers for rent.

Relocating your business, workspace or warehouse? Containers are an ideal solution for a variety of business and commercial storage needs like keeping extra inventory, seasonal items, promotional materials, and so on, safe and out of the way.

When you use Sunshine Coast Storage, you can store the container onsite in Warana at our secure facility, or offsite at your premises. Whatever you prefer.

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How the Process of Moving your Items into a Storage Pod Works

You Bring your Packed Belongings to us in Warana

You pack your goods and bring them in yourself, or you have a removalist do this for you. Your items are then transferred into the shipping container to store securely on-premises, under the watchful eye of 24/7 CCTV security.

You Pack It, We Transport It to our Premises

We deliver the storage shipping container to your home or business so you can pack it at your leisure. Once you’re ready, we come and collect it and bring it back to our storage facility.

We deliver it

You load it

We store it

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